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Marquis Hotel & Condo

This exciting project is the tallest residential building in the Southeastern U.S. and the second tallest (706 feet – total enclosed area: 900,000 sq ft) building in Miami Dade. It is designed by one of the pre-eminent architectural firms in the world – Arquitectonica. The project consists of 306 luxury condominiums on levels 15 thru 65, 14 ultra luxury, 2 level town-homes on levels 12 to 15 and 65 luxury hotel suites on levels 5 thru 11. There is a large pool area with 5 star spa, meeting rooms, a world class street level restaurant and on premise laundry and business center.

The A/C system consists of a 1500 ton water cooled heat pump system for the condos, townhouses and retail areas and a 520 ton chilled water system for the hotel and support areas.

The electrical system for the hotel and amenities areas is served by a traditional Florida Power & Light (FPL) vault with dual voltage (120/208 volt, 3 phase, 4 wire and 277/480 volt, 3 phase, 4 wire) secondary feeders and switchgear.

The condominium and townhouse residences are served from multiple 13,200 volt feeders to several 4 hour rated stacked vault rooms approximately every 3rd floor vertically. From these vaults with dry type transformers, we derive 120/240 volt single phase 3 wire service. This eliminates the need for multiple bus-ducts, prevents derating conductors due to distance and allows us to deliver 240 volts which is much more efficient for the private residences. Emergency power is provided by a 1750 kw diesel powered generator package with 24 hours of on site fuel storage. This generator powers the life safety systems including elevators, egress lighting, fire pumps, domestic water pumps, telecommunication systems and smoke control system. The smoke control system provided for areas of refuge on each of the residential floors, pressurized and smoke free environments in all the stairwells, complete smoke evacuation in all the public areas, restaurants, spa and lobby areas. The domestic water system for The Marquis consists of 3 services: Hotel, Condominium and non- potable (irrigation, pools and spas and cooling tower makeup). The condensate from all of the A/C/ units is collected and used as the primary source of makeup water for the cooling tower. The domestic water pumping systems consist of state of the art variable frequency drive pumps. Hot water is provided throughout the project by means of central gas boilers and storage tanks for the condominium and a separate system for the hotel. Storm drainage is collected in 3 separate systems (main roof, pool deck and parking garage) carried off independently to on site disposal wells. The fire sprinkler system for The Marquis consists of a low zone pump and a high zone pump.

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