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One Bayfront Plaza

This new project is located in the heart of Downtown Miami and consists of twin 70 story towers atop a 3 level Retail Mall and an 18 level totally enclosed parking garage for 2500 cars.

The Office tower is over 1000 ft. tall with an Observation Deck at Level 71 and contains 2.2 million square foot of leasable office space with approximately 40,000 sq. ft. per floor plate.

The Hotel tower is nearly 800 foot tall and contains 850 guestrooms, 130,000 square foot of exhibition halls and banquet areas, and over 120,000 sq. ft. of leasable retail at the first 3 levels. The building is being designed to attain LEED Silver. Both towers have total of 46 elevators.


For the Office Tower we are providing an 8,000 ton chilled water plant on level four and two 70 ton chilled water air handlers at each floor. We have a 35th floor intermediate mechanical level where we have some of the HVAC equipment to serve the upper portion of the Office Tower. Level 71 of the Office Tower is where we have 8000 tons of cooling towers and smoke evacuation system related equipment. The Hotel is served by 2000 tons of water cooled chillers located at the 4th level of the garage. The Hotel guestrooms will contain vertical fan coils. All common areas of the Hotel are served with chilled water air handling units. All garage levels are mechanically ventilated.


We are also providing domestic water system tanks at Levels 35 and 71 of the Office tower to partially downfeed the upper level’s domestic water. The Hotel tower is served from Level 4 and Level 71 pumps and a gas fired boiler at the Hotel Amenities level and roof for domestic hot water.


The Electrical system for both the Office and Hotel tower consists of 13.2 KV vertical distribution feeders with 13.2 KV to 480 volt, liquid filled transformers at varying floors to serve office tenant requirements and 13.2 KV to 120/240 volt liquid filled transformers at every other guestroom floor. Transformers contain a biodegradable, seed oil based fluid, U.L. and F.M. approved for indoor use. Emergency generators are also at 13.2 KV and handle power outages for life safety equipment, lighting, hotel food storage and I.T. equipment. The fire alarm system will contain distributed intelligent power supplies, linked with fiber optic cables. This system will prohibit interruption to fire alarms on any other floor while floor of incidence alarms are sustained or if any other floor’s power supply is damaged.

Fire Protection

Both the Office and Hotel towers will be protected with a state of the art Fire Standpipe and Sprinkler System. The lower portions, 1st thru 18th Levels in the Office tower and 1st thru 21st in the Hotel tower will be served from a 1000 gpm, 200 PSI diesel fire pump designed to deliver minimum 100 PSI at 500 gpm at the highest most remote fire hose valve. The upper portion of both towers will be supplied from 100,000 gallons storage tanks located on the roof of each tower. These tanks will serve both the domestic and fire systems in the towers and 60,000 gallons of water in each tank will be reserved for fire use at all times. There will be a 1000 gpm, 100 PSI pump located on each roof that will serve the upper 16-18 Levels in each tower. The storage tanks will be constantly filled by fill pumps located on the ground and 35th levels. Duplex fill pumps on the ground level will pump water to a 50,000 gallons tank on the 35th Level and then pumped from this tank to the roof tanks. All pumps mentioned will be tied to the emergency generator.

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