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Wanadoo City @ Sawgrass Mills

This entertainment project was designed in place of the previously occupied space by Burlington Coat Factory. The total area of the Entertainment Center is approximately 170,000 sq. ft. with 100,000 sq. ft. on the ground level, 50,000 sq. ft. on the mezzanine level and 20,000 sq. ft. adjacent management and employment center. The design of this facility was inspired by a Disney concept incorporating educational aspects for children and teenagers. The entertainment center included the following functions:

1.     TV Recording Studio
2.     Arts Academy
3.     Music Conservatory
4.     Movie Studio with Editing Facility
5.     Department Store
6.     Courthouse with Fictitious Jailhouse
7.     Post Office
8.     Supermarket
9.     Performing Theater with Real-Life Control Room
10.   Circus
11.   Bread Factory
12.   Medical Clinic
13.   Emergency Room
14.   Chocolate Factory
15.   Country Fair with Race Track
16.   Food Court with Pizza, Sandwich, Prep-Station and Johnny Rocket Eatery
17.   Archeology and Mining Center
18.   Paleontology Center
19.   Waterfalls with Climbing Walls

The center of attraction was a portion of a life-sized airplane with cockpit for flight simulation. The mezzanine level was occupied with a support facility for parents including restaurant and disco.

The main challenge was to incorporate this facility into the Sawgrass Mills Shopping Center including aspects of life safety and security. Due to the Mall being designed with a fully functioning Smoke Evacuation System, every space within the entertainment center needed to comply with the same criteria.

The Electrical System for the project consists of two electrical services of 3,000 amps and 2,500 amps.

A Comprehensive Telecommunication System was installed utilizing fiber optic cable. Every entertainment center as indicated above was provided with dedicated dimming system. A 60 HP fire pump provided the facility with proper fire sprinkler coverage. Special fire sprinkler heads were distributed throughout the entire project.

The HVAC system is comprised of two (2) 275 ton air cooled chillers with associated chilled water pumps, housed on the roof of the attached two level Office Building. Chilled water was distributed both on the roof of the facility and at the spaces upper level, serving 25 Program Area rooftop air conditioning units. Air distribution for the various program functions was conveyed by low pressure ductwork, utilizing variable air volume box(s) supplying distributed air devices, all controlled through a direct digital space temperature control system. The roof mounted air handling units each were controlled by system chilled water modulating control valve(s). Humidity control for the air handling units incorporated bypass air control, The facility being part of the Mall, employed a Smoke Control System, utilizing the area air conditioning units for makeup air, exhausting smoke through dedicated smoke exhaust fans, Zoning, by area, was applied. The activation of the Smoke Control System was through a dedicated fire alarm system, with numerous smoke detectors providing coverage to all parts of the Program Areas, interconnected with the Mall Fire Alarm System.

Special consideration was taken in the support of the roof mounted air handling units, due to the type roof structure that the Mall employed. The installation and operation of the air conditioning system was achieved within the scheduled construction time-frame and has had a successful performance.

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