Anand Kris Singh

Head of Fire Sprinkler Department
Joined team in 1995

Anand Kris Singh joined the firm in 1995 and is the head of the Fire Protection department. He has over 30 years of experience in design of Fire Sprinkler and Standpipe systems.

Kris is a graduate of New York Technical Institute Plumbing and Fire Protection and NYU in Fire Protection Design. He is a member of the National Fire Protection Association which allows him to keep up with all the latest requirements to deliver State of the Art Design to our Clients.

Kris also acts as project manager on various of our large projects. Some of the projects managed by him that are completed are the four Paraiso towers in Miami, The Miami World Center, Sole Mia, Hollywood Circle and many others. Currently he manages the Design for Riverwalk Residence ALF, Turnberry Ocean Club, New River Central and Dolphins Depot Apartments-Jacksonville.

Kris’s knowledge of the latest Codes, NPFA Standards and Fire Protection allows him to provide the most state of the art design of sprinkler and standpipe systems to our clients. He is also well known in the Industry and among the local Fire Marshals. He also has an excellent relationship with the Fire Protection Contractors and the Plan reviewers.