Role of Sustainable Eco-Friendly Buildings Through MEP Design

Role of Sustainable Eco-Friendly Buildings Through MEP Design

BIM Model Example
BIM Model Example

BIM Model Example

Impact of LEED on the Industry

  • The growing concern for the environment and the search for Sustainable solutions have driven significant changes in several areas including HVAC, Plumbing, and Electrical design of the buildings.
  • As LEED guideline mentioned “Today we are using 1.5 times of Earth to meet the resource needs for everyday life. That means it takes 18 months to regenerate what is used in only 12 months. If current trends continue by the year 2030 we will need the equivalent of two planets”.
  • With LEED’s transformation of construction we could reduce and restore water resources, enhance human health, Reduce global Climate changes, regenerate material resources, and have a greener planet.
  • We as Industry have to be able to address all the environmental challenges and reinvent our design to meet these challenges.

 Feller Engineering’s involvement

  • Energy and water efficiency are the two major components of the LEED and other Green certification, which Feller Engineering has been pioneer in the industry for designing buildings with respect to these concerns.
  • From early age of LEED movements, Feller Engineering had recognized the urgency of sustainable design to reduce Energy waste and conservation of water for all type of buildings such as High-rise condo , office, low-rise, existing and New construction.
  • We as engineers, who have been involved in design and construction, must lead the industry to a better and safer planet and give a chance to future generation to live in the healthy environment.
  • It is a priority of Feller Engineering to design sustainable Buildings which utilize less energy and water.
  • We have extensive experience on energy modeling, Outside air calculation and all other credits and prerequisites related to HVAC, plumbing and Electrical.


Listing of Feller LEED Projects


  • American Maritime – LEED Gold Certified
  • Asher Tampa (Block F) – LEED Gold
  • Cora Tampa (Block H)– LEED Gold
  • Cocowalk – LEED Gold

LEED Silver

  • Surf club – LEED -Silver
  • 1450 Brickell Office-LEED Silver
  • Midtown 6 – LEED Silver
  • Broadstone at Brickell – LEED Silver
  • Westin Sarasota – LEED Silver
  • New River 3 – LEED Silver
  • Biscayne Beach – LEED Silver
  • Hilton West Palm Beach – LEED Silver
  • 1 Hotel – LEED Silver
  • BCPA Pavilion – LEED Silver
  • Douglas Gardens North III – LEED Silver
  • Block H1 – LEED
  • Grove House – LEED in process
  • Market Hall – LEED on hold
  • Oceana Spa – LEED still at construction preliminary
  • Faena House – LEED Certified
  • Tambo del Inka Hotel in Peru – LEED Certified
  • 2850 Tigertail – LEED in process
  • Block F2 – LEED
  • GSA Miramar – LEED Certified
  • Ocean Tower – LEED Certified


Feller LEED completed Projects


Feller LEED design progress project

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