Musa Yenni

Chairman and CEO
Bought company in 2016

Musa Yenni’s private equity fund bought majority control of our firm in 2016. Since then Musa became Chairman, CEO and controlling shareholder of Feller Engineering. In that role, Musa approves all new projects at the firm.

Musa brought transparency, enhanced project management and coordination, financial accountability and a keen focus on quality control to the firm. In 2019, Musa restructured the firm’s high debt load making our firm debt free. Under his leadership, Feller Engineering is focused on making its clients happy by delivering a high-quality product on time and at competitive prices.

Musa has had decades of company building experience. Musa received his B.S. in Industrial and Operations Engineering, magna cum laude, from the University of Michigan in 1980. He received his MBA in Finance and Marketing from Harvard Business School in 1984. Musa is fluent in Turkish and French, and has a working knowledge of Spanish and Hebrew.

Musa Yenni Portrait