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Date: 09-02-2020

As you are all aware, Steven Feller sold a substantial portion of our firm to an investment firm headed by Musa Yenni. This occurred in 2016 and over the course of these past four years Musa, Steve and Tony have been working together to improve our firm’s ability to deliver projects in more efficient and timely ways that benefit both our clients and the development teams.

That process was going along quite well and then our country encountered COVID-19. This virus has affected everything we all do. So as resourceful engineers we adapted and significantly improved our IT systems to enable all our staff to work remotely, efficiently and safely. This enabled us to continue meeting all project deadlines including deliverables, shop drawings and RFI’s. As of this date approximately 50% of our staff are back in the office.

This virus has caused a significant slowdown in new construction. As a result we have had to reduce our staff size strategically by approximately 5%. Additionally, three of our employees moved on to other firms voluntarily. Also, our head of plumbing department retired after forty years at our firm and we replaced him with his second-in-command. On the other hand, we are still growing selectively. Recently we opened an engineering office in Tampa. We have been working in the Tampa, Sarasota and St. Pete area for over 25 years and when we came across a seasoned construction executive, we decided the timing was right to have a real presence there.

The MOST IMPORTANT ISSUE for you – our clients – to know is that Feller Engineering (formerly Steven Feller PE, PL) is still the same award winning, high quality MEP engineering firm that you all have been working with for so many years. We have been here in South Florida for 41 years and thanks to you all we have successfully engineered many prominent projects that have enhanced our skylines, provided comfortable housing for our residents (from millennials to retired empty nester seniors) and state of the art work and retail spaces for businesses.

For all of that we thank you very much. You have Musa’s, Steve’s, Tony’s and our entire firm’s commitment that we will always be available to you 24/7/365 for any issues that may arise on any project and will provide you the same excellent service we have always done for you on past and present projects, and on new projects going forward. Feel free to reach out to us at any time.

Phone: 954-467-1402

Musa Yenni
Steve Feller
Tony Averbuch

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